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October 2016

Have a Great Day with Cho Ku Rei

I’m not sure if the human mind likes complicated, or if it’s some learned pattern. If you grew up, just like me, in a middle-class family, you must have often heard things like success requires hard work; it won’t just fall into your lap. This type of education wired us for choosing the most difficult [...]

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The Twin Flame Union

In all the world there is no heart like yours, In all the world there is no love for you like mine ……. Maya Angelou. In February 2014 I randomly (I know nothing is random in this beautiful abundant universe) I bumped into the word twin flame when I was looking for certain answers in my [...]

Twin Flame Reiki { 16 comments }

Here I am once again being guided to write this article on Manifestation. Manifestation has always been my favourite topic to share articles and it is always amazing to write articles on Moon cycles. I absolutely love the energies of New moon as it signifies new beginnings and for us healers it is the day [...]

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New Moon Meditation

Moon is the nearest planet to Earth. On new moon and full moon, the gravity of moon pulls the water in ocean resulting in low and high tides. It effects the human behavior, there are not much evidences given by scientists in the support but people always complain of mental and physical distress on New [...]

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We all accumulate unprocessed, or “stuck,” energy as we go through life. It’s really a part of life, and it’s normal. Emotional energy can become stuck in our bodies when things happen to us that we can’t fully process at the time. It can be something big and traumatic, something seemingly small and insignificant, or [...]

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