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September 2016

Reiki Radiance

Blossom Divine Healing, Founder Usui Sensei Blessing, It is kind to every living thing! Reiki a myth or a fact, If we truly act, Leave long lasting Impact, That’s the abstract! Always goes to deep – root; Always works for the Greatest Good, To surrender is the Key, It comes to you if destiny! Cut […] Read more

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The Life Divinity Symbol

During our Reiki practice and meditations sometimes we can receive messages and gifts from high-level entities, as I have mentioned before. This communication with them may allow us to acquire new knowledge we can use in our practice and daily life, making Reiki’s possibilities endless! I received this symbol a few years ago and I […] Read more

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Reiki and Ho’oponopono

I am practicing Reiki for the last 3 years or so and teaching it too. Sometimes due to lot of reasons, Reiki takes longer to show its effect. After a lot of thinking on why this happens, it struck me that people who come for Reiki therapy have so many blocks that it takes time […] Read more

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All You Can Do on Full Moon

There are umpteen of articles to read and umpteen of rituals to do during Full Moon and New Moon. It becomes extremely confusing when you read so many ritual methods, what to do and what not to. Here I am giving basics of Full Moon rituals, things you can do if you have no particular […] Read more

All you can do on full moon { 3 comments }

World Water Healing Meditation

Article by Julie Narewski Every living thing on this earth is fed by water, from the peoples of the earth, all our wonderful animal life to the most minuscule blade of grass, plant, tree or flower. We would not be here without it. All of life, every single living thing depends on it. A Blessing for […] Read more

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