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September 2016

The Case Few months ago, we had dealt with a lady’s say, Mindy’s case who had approached us for her marriage disputes. Her husband was a drug addict and there were family discords. The couple had a 10 year old son who was also getting affected psychologically. Her marriage was failing and she was staying [...]

Reiki Paves way to blissful marriage!! { 5 comments }

Diving Deep into Reiki

When I did psychotherapy work, I loved using simple visual analogies with clients. One favorite is the swimming pool, used when clients were struggling to move forward in making a major change. This is how it worked. I ask the client to imagine herself standing on the concrete, at the shallow end of the pool, [...]

Diving Deep into Reiki { 4 comments }

Concentric Circle Meditation

My name is Sunetra Dasgupta, and I am a shielding addict. Though it sounded as an AA meeting introduction, it is true! I am obsessed with shielding. I shield twice or even thrice a day! Though programming of shield works equally well but I would prefer to do number of times a day. Though shielding [...]

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Connecting with Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel known as Gabriel exudes a powerful energy. Gabriel is known to embody the masculine as well as feminine aspects of energy. Just saying the name ‘Gabriel’ draws the energy of Gabriel to us. The energy of Gabriel supports the following 1. Conception of a baby 2. Pregnancy and childbirth 3. Child adoption 4. [...]

Connecting with Archangel Gabriel { 3 comments }

Reiki Your Tears

Tears are any human’s basic fundamental emotion. The tears visit us when we are unhappy, sad, tired, or not ourselves. It is a sign that our body; most importantly our heart is aching and is in pain. There is nothing much you can do to stop your tears but you can certainly Reiki them so [...]

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