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July 2016

Light Work on the Reiki Path

The current time period is very important for the Earth. The level of consciousness on the planet is rising. The widely used term for this process is “Ascension.” Many systems are changing for the better, albeit slowly. Many people are inclined to adopting a holistic and heart centered way of life. Patterns of thinking and […] Read more

Light Work on the Reiki Path { 2 comments }

Being One with Self

Often we have heard we are a soul with a body, and not body with a soul. What makes us is our soul which is our spirit. We are defined by the purity of our soul and not by our external appearances, and this holds true for all living things on this planet! Hence when […] Read more

Being one with self { 3 comments }

From my 9 years of experience with Reiki, it is very intelligent energy. It is the one who decides whether to stay with you or not. It is the one who chooses you for healing. Let’s know how? When I was in my 6th grade, one of my friends learned Reiki and she told me […] Read more

Is Reiki trying to talk with you { 38 comments }

Reiki being a holistic healing technique can also help you to heal on an emotional level. The fingers represent the five elements of the body, which in turn associated with emotions. I believe Reiki helps you to heal the emotions by channelling it to the associated fingers because of the connection between finger-elements-emotions. If you […] Read more

Reiki the fingers to heal emotions { 12 comments }

Reiki and Spells

Reiki and Spells – two powerful and different ways to heal, manifest and send your prayers to Universe. There are many people who loves to do spells and rituals (not black magic please). The spells that are done for good and harms none. How about merging spells and Reiki energy and see what the outcome is? […] Read more

Reiki and Spells { 9 comments }
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