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June 2016

Dream Programming

Dreams come in many different shapes, forms and sizes. Some dreams can be precognitive meaning they deliver messages of future events/happenings. They can also be messages from our higher self that enables us to solve problems and share spiritual knowledge and wisdom. They help add clarity to an event, or help prepare the conscious mind [...]

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The Highest Good

Many of us were taught the ideal intention we can set for our clients and ourselves prior to, and during a Reiki session, is that the Reiki energies be sent to the receiver’s “highest good”. On the surface, this means that neither the client, nor the practitioner, is claiming to know what is best for [...]

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Palo Santo is a mystical tree which grows along the coast of South America. The wood is naturally fragrant and related to frankincense, another of mother nature’s high vibrational aromatic gifts. The indigenous people of the Andes have used palo santo for centuries as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing and as a medicinal [...]

Clearing space with palo santo and reiki { 0 comments }

Reiki is Spiritual Healing

Reiki is often viewed as a path of alternate healing. This is because Reiki is sometimes spoken about in the context of medical healing – where we have allopathic medicine as the conventional form of treatment and a bunch of other therapies (including Reiki) which are viewed as alternate or complementary in nature. While this [...]

Reiki Spiritual Healing { 1 comment }

Just for this lifetime, despite that every hour one person dies of skin cancer [1], do not worry and do your best preventing skin cancer in a Reiki-friendly way, for yourself and your clients! Most skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the sun. Although soaking up the sun is essential [...]

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