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May 2016

Kids love Reiki! Who doesn’t? They are so naturally drawn to the energy and they benefit so much from it. With that being said Reiki is a great addition to any child’s bedtime routine. All kids should have a bedtime routine to help them calm down as well as feel grounded before they drift to sleep […] Read more

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This Reiki Community

How amazing is it that Reiki practitioners from all over the world visit this site on a daily basis! While there may be some minor cultural differences, the most overwhelming aspect is the core belief in this healing modality, and in the practice of Reiki. People who read the articles and participate in the discussions […] Read more

This Reiki Community { 13 comments }

We are all on our earth journey. But let me ask you few questions- Are you actually living or just spending your life with having an attitude- Oh,damn! Another day again? Do you feel excited when you wake up? You upload pictures and write in captions- “Having fun or Enjoying my life” but are you […] Read more

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Can Reiki Do Harm?

It’s often repeated that Reiki can do no harm, only good. But is that completely factual? Let’s explore this often misunderstood idea about Reiki. Sometimes in our eagerness to share the joys, wonders and benefits of Reiki, we forget that it can be an intense and deeply purifying experience. The Reiki energy moving through the […] Read more

Can reiki do harm? { 8 comments }

There are times when all of us feel sad and upset. Conflicts and misunderstandings lead to rifts in relationships. Harmless discussions often turn into a horrendous battle of words and drain people of energy. We are all humans and it is common for most of us to experience such happenings at some point in our […] Read more

Healing Yourself with Rose Quartz { 4 comments }
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