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March 2016

Money Jar

As the title of this article indicates, this article is about attracting money- by using a jar, coins, herbs, crystals and affirmations. Invoke Archangels and infuse the jar with Reiki and wait for the abundance shower. Imagine how powerful it would be if you combine all these magical things. Method 1. Start with a jar. […] Read more

Money jar { 6 comments }

Another one on manifestation. I have been getting a lot of guidance to write on manifestation and what can be better than Tarot cards. Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards showing different stages and situations in life. Of the cards there are 22 major arcana + 56 minor arcana cards divided as numeric […] Read more

Tarot manifestation { 4 comments }

There are many people who are drawn to Reiki because they can feel or otherwise sense energy. Some are deeply psychic or intuitive in other ways and wish to work with energy so that they have an avenue to further this. Some come to be Reiki practitioners after a spiritual awakening and long to deepen […] Read more

Dont Get Caught in the Shiny Things { 8 comments }

Iava (pronounced as EE AA VAA) is a beautiful symbol of Karuna® Reiki. One needs to be attuned to the Karuna® Reiki symbol by a master. Iava is often referred to as eye opener symbol, as it helps understand the profound reason for existence. Most of us are wrongly programmed to believe in limited beliefs. Iava opens to the […] Read more

Iava and 7 veils { 5 comments }

Receiving Distant Healing

Hello, healers. I wanted to share a recent experience I had with you all because I think it may change some perceptions on distant healing. I know that as a Reiki Master and Practitioner, so often we focus on giving and sending Reiki, even though we are told over and over again about the importance […] Read more

Receiving Distant Healing { 3 comments }
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