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October 2015

Reiki: An Intelligent Energy

In every Reiki course I have been told and taught that Reiki is an intelligent energy and it needs no commands to work properly. I assumed it was true but I never experienced by myself. One day, my husband and I went for a two week vacations. We relaxed and never worked out during those […] Read more

Reiki An Intelligent Energy { 8 comments }

Taking Care of Your Energy

When we keep our energy systems strong, clear and healthy, we feel good and our lives flow better. We know it is valuable to have a healthy body and mind. All things come from energy first so having a healthy energy system helps to create and maintain wellness and the life that we wish for. […] Read more

Reiki Energy Awareness { 2 comments }

Bury Your Blockages

Have you done everything you come across to bring peace, love and tranquility in life but to no avail? Have you tried all kind of abundance and prosperity rituals but got no result? Chances are, there are some blockages related to your goals and desires that is not letting you manifest your dreams. It is […] Read more

Bury Your Blockages { 3 comments }

Boosting Creativity with Reiki

Writers, musicians, painters, and all other artists, share a common reliance on free flowing creativity, and the ability to remain inspired. How this creativity and inspiration is experienced is unique as the art that is produced by each creative type. For instance, some artists report that their creations come from their head space, heart space, […] Read more

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Case Study: Migraine Healing

I always had lots of queries within myself. Why so much of suffering for one person while other person looks very happy? Is he/she getting punished for his/her mistakes, which he/she has done in this life? But he/she is very innocent. Why GOD has given him/her so much of pain? I uncovered many hidden truth […] Read more

Reiki Migraine Case Study { 13 comments }
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