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October 2015

Filling Your Body with Light

Light supports us and fills us with strength. It gives us life and energy and its beauty fills us with joy. Both the light of this world and the light of the Higher Dimensions can be called upon to clear and strengthen our energy bodies and support us physically. This is a practice you can […] Read more

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Amazing Citrine

As many of you know I love working with stones and crystals in my Reiki practice and highly recommend the use of them to other people. Stones and crystals combined with Reiki offer extremely powerful healing properties as well as protection from darkness of any kind. My favorite types of stones to use are those […] Read more

Amazing Citrine { 2 comments }


Making the decision to become a Reiki Master is an interesting process for a lot of people. It is a decision that is given careful consideration by many, and for others it is a very impulsive or intuitive feeling that seems to come out of nowhere. I always find it interesting that some Reiki students […] Read more

Self Mastery { 0 comments }

The heart chakra is one area where many people hold energetic blocks in the form of resentment, unforgiveness, lack of love, feelings of betrayal, grief and the like. We’ve all heard of someone being ‘hard hearted.’ Maybe we’ve been hard hearted at times too. Blocks in the heart chakra literally harden the heart and close […] Read more

Heart Chakra Healing with the Angels { 1 comment }

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D Roosevelt Anxiety by definition, is an emotion characterised by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil often accompanied by nervous behaviour. Anxiety is always the expectation of a future threat. Anxiety is not the same as fear. Where fear is the perceived threat […] Read more

Anxiety Reiki { 6 comments }
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