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October 2015

Have you felt a shift in the air? Can you feel any changes or extra energy around you? October is here and with it comes a very special time of the year. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with tree’s that change colors you have a visual representation of the changes happening all [...]

Halloween Reiki { 2 comments }

Article by Kelly Boyles As a massage therapy student, I was expecting to learn about muscles and bones . . . massage techniques . . . the ethics of running a business. The extent of energy work that I anticipated was Shiatsu, which I’d first heard about in karate class. So imagine my surprise at seeing [...]

Five Bats { 6 comments }

Reiki can be used with a substitute focus. This makes it easier to visualize things that seem far from us or things not available to us. We can use it to send energy to people far away, situations that have not yet occurred or those that happened in the past. With these techniques, we use [...]

Distance Reiki Using a Substitute focus { 2 comments }

All of us lightworkers are spreading light everywhere we go! Besides that, we do have a personal life too apart from healing others wherein we are living a normal life (as we all souls like you and me are leading a normal life. Nobody is special in His eyes and remain busy all day with [...]


I’m writing this article with such excitement, wonder and enthusiasm for Reiki and how gentle and powerful it is, and yet it can change lives, literally Reiki can transform lives. Only a few months ago I met “Amanda” who came to me initially for a tarot appointment and then for Reiki. She had been a [...]

Reiki helps with the aftermath of Domestic Violence { 0 comments }

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