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September 2015

Reiki Homes of Love and Light

As Reiki practitioners, we have the capacity to raise the vibration of the one place that many of us love – home. Your Reiki practice helps your home, irrespective of whether others in your home practise Reiki or not. We are all connected and when we do something positive, it has an impact on everyone […] Read More

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Reiki Star Meditation

I have just started using a new meditation that I would love to share with all of you. I get a lot of requests to send Reiki to people. Unfortunately, I am not able to help as many people as I would like. I am a mom of 2, manage a busy dance studio, and […] Read More

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Crystals and Chakras

Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times. Each crystal has their own multiple healing properties, which help harmonize mind, body and soul. I am a crystal obsessed and crystal freak person, I simply love being around crystals. Crystals can be used for chakra healing, simply pick a crystal that resonates with the affected […] Read More

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An important part of learning and practicing Reiki is working with the Reiki precepts. While hands on healing will help us greatly as we do self-Reiki and receive Reiki from others, the more we meditate with the precepts and explore what they mean in our own personal lives, the more our healing can progress. The […] Read More

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Solar Eclipse and Moon Rituals

Today is Solar Eclipse, a very right time to put your thoughts into actions and wishes to manifestations. Eclipses are the time when the moon energy is extremely intense and its effect is long-lasting. Solar Eclipses happen during new moon and Lunar Eclipses during full moon, so you can think of the ritual depending on […] Read More

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