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September 2015

Dolphins are the divinely adorable beings of the water. They have a magical energy which is light and playful. They serve as messengers of love and peace. They can help us tap into our innate healing power and to use it for the highest good of the planet. They help healers and lightworkers in their […] Read more

Healing and Manifestatiowith Dolphin Energy { 1 comment }

In my years of teaching Reiki, the most common problem that my students face is taking on their client’s problem. This may occur on a physical, emotional or mental level – often manifesting as the experience of feeling a client’s pain or walking away from a session feeling energetically exhausted. Personally experiencing the symptoms that […] Read more

Reiki Energy { 18 comments }

Meditation and Reiki

I was already a meditator when I decided to take my first Reiki class, so I knew the value of meditation in releasing unhealthy and illusory thought patterns and opening the mind to a more expansive and clear way of understanding things. The day of my first class, I came home and sat in meditation […] Read more

Meditation and Reiki { 1 comment }

Fearless Reiki

Article by Julie E Brent One of the things I have noticed over the years is that many who practice Reiki use it to ‘protect’ themselves. I have read in many books when the writer includes a caution about when not to use Reiki. I would like to share what I have learned about using […] Read more

Fearless Reiki { 2 comments }

Open up the Doors of Prosperity

Article by Dhruv Gajjar The perspective about money: Money is the integral part of our life without which we consider unimportant as it’s the part of the materialistic world. The need for the money arises in particular events of our lives and we fall short and feel bad about it. As a Reiki healer, I always […] Read more

Reiki and Money { 10 comments }
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