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September 2015

All is Well

This week, I had two seemingly unrelated things happen where the second event seemed like an extension of the first event. The first occurrence was a conversation I had with a potential Reiki client. When answering the “What is Reiki?” question, I commented the source of Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. She had a […] Read More

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Reiki Beauty Ritual

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of all….?! Well not just the queen in the fairytale but every girl secretly loves to ask this question when she looks in the mirror every day. Beauty, both internal and external, is an important part of our overall personality. It empowers us exponentially. If you […] Read More

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Break Nails Biting Habit Using Reiki

Article by Vidyaa Bunty Talreja I was introduced to Reiki in 2011 by my aunt. I have used Reiki in manifesting lot of things for myself, for my friends and family too. I am gifted that I am blessed with good teachers and Reiki friends, who guided me to use a lot of techniques. I have […] Read More

Nails Biting Habit Reiki { 5 comments }

Upon your first attunement to Reiki, setting the intention to connect with this healing energy is all that is needed. At the same time, there are specific methods that will develop a rejuvenated, and increasingly stronger connection, with consistent practice. The first two methods of rejuvenating the Reiki connection have been outlined in “Reiki Clearing […] Read More

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Our mind is an infinite source of inspiration. It holds within it the entire blueprint of the cosmos. Our mind is the storehouse of infinite tools and resources that can be used creatively to assist us in our healings and acceleration of the process. Let me share with you some tools, ideas and techniques that […] Read More

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