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September 2015

Reiki Attunements

Who doesn’t love an attunement? It’s an exciting time when you are opened up to a new level or variation of energy. Attunements are great and learning new techniques is always something to look forward to. As healers, there are many options available to choose from. Some of the modalities I have personally studied are: […] Read More

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The recommendations outlined in this series in no way replace your Primary Care Provider’s instructions and health care regimen in treating diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a serious metabolic condition that requires professional assistance and treatment. Diabetes Mellitus needs to be managed effectively and professionally in conjunction with an experienced health care provider. Please […] Read More

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Earth Healing Exchange

The Earth, our bodies, and our energy systems are made to be in sync with each other and will naturally fall into alignment with each other when given the chance. We are typically indoors a great deal of the time where energy does not move as freely and we are more disconnected from Earth energy. […] Read More

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The Best Reiki Teacher

The best Reiki teacher is actually Reiki itself. When someone learns Reiki it is similar to learning to be an artist. You could listen to a teacher talk about what it feels like to produce artwork, or you could read books on the technique of art but it isn’t until you actually pick up a […] Read More

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Reiki Parenting

Article by Natasha Winsor As we all know, Reiki has many invaluable benefits both on a physical and spiritual level but one of the areas it can be most useful in is parenting. Here are some wonderful ways to use Reiki with children which make a huge difference to both their well being and yours: […] Read More

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