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September 2015

Quick 5 Minutes Chakra Scanning

Greetings! We all are aware that scanning the chakras and healing the blocked ones are some of the most important processes which need to be done at regular intervals, for this will enable us to vibrate at highest frequency energy, resulting in desire manifestation with ease. So, here I would like to share the simple, […] Read more

Quick 5 minutes Chakra Scanning!! { 17 comments }

I feel very blessed to be a Reiki Master and connecting students to the universal energy, through the sacred act of ‘attunement’. This process is beautiful and powerful and connects a person for life with the loving energy of Reiki. As with a Reiki treatment, the person receiving an attunement will experience very different things […] Read more

Reiki Attunements and non { 2 comments }

Reiki Mudra – Part 2

So now we know that each finger corresponds to a particular element, which represents these elements in our body and that it is important to balance every element in our system, mudras bring about this balance. Many people do but most of us do not give importance to our hands. Our hands are not just […] Read more

Reiki Mudra (Part – 2) { 15 comments }

Keep It Simple with Reiki

Over 25 years ago I started my self-healing journey with earnest when I discovered that I was hypo-hypoglycemic. The words of the enlightened doctor rang in my head, “there is no medicine to take for this condition, you must change what you eat and your lifestyle.” That was the first time that anyone had ever […] Read more

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Candle Ritual for Full Moon

Hello Dear ones, Seeing my fortnight moon rituals obsession, recently one of my friend asked me- “What is with you and moon obsession? Were you a wolf in past life or what?”☺ Well, here I am back again with another Full Moon ritual. Again let me give a brief info about what full moon rituals […] Read more

Candle Ritual for Full Moon { 1 comment }
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