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August 2015

I have been a teaching assistant for children with special needs both in a traditional classroom setting as well as with dance therapy in a dance studio. I absolutely love seeing these kids succeed and making any kind of small difference that I can in their lives. I have met so many lovely and interesting […] Read more

Top 3 ways to use reiki with special needs kids and families { 1 comment }

Article by Christine Caprilozzi As Reiki practitioners and Masters, we all know the incredible power the universe’s energy can have. Treating the person as a whole is especially useful and gratifying in post operative situations. Reiki helps alleviate trauma the human body suffers during major surgeries by bringing the body back to more of a state […] Read more

Post Operative Reiki { 0 comments }

Do you feel connected to the angelic realm? Does the subject of angels fascinate you? Are you open to working with the angels? If you answered yes to even one of the above questions, you can begin connecting with our dear friends in the angelic realm right away! All you need are a pen and […] Read more

Angel Communication through Letters { 6 comments }

IMPORTANT NOTE: The recommendations outlined in this article in no way replace your Primary Care Provider’s instructions and health care regimen in treating diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a serious metabolic condition that requires professional assistance and treatment. Diabetes Mellitus needs to be managed effectively and professionally in conjunction with an experienced health care provider. Please […] Read more

Diabetes and Reiki { 3 comments }

After writing about Body, Disease and Emotions and Disease and Associated Chakras, I started getting more and more queries about the emotions, behavior and related chakras. Hence I thought to write about it to make healing easier for my readers. It is very necessary to know which chakra is affected by what emotions and behavioral […] Read more

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