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July 2015

When we are dealing with any physical or mental ailment, we know it does not affect just one chakra, but also affects two or more chakras if not more than that. This inter relationship between the chakras has always fascinated me. It gets all the more interesting because there is so much to learn and […] Read more

The relationship Insecurity shares with our chakras { 6 comments }

Few days ago I got a call from my client. Lets name her Mindy. She was in deep distress. She suspected that she was under the attack of evil spirits and further complained of lack of concentration, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and so on. After hearing Mindy’s problems, I closed my eyes and meditated on […] Read more

Tiger Reiki { 9 comments }

One of the most strange and mysterious things about Reiki to those first investigating it is the attunement process. Even the word “attunement” leaves a bit of mystery. It sounds like a vague and unknown thing that is impossible to wrap the mind around because there is nothing in the experience to compare it to. […] Read more

What are Attunements All About { 27 comments }

We are not unknown to amazing beauty and healing properties of crystals. Most of us are habituated with Reiki crystals grids for distant healing and manifestation. Not many are aware that even single stone can be programmed for distant healing. Though crystal grid is more favorable as there are pencils placed that directs energy towards […] Read more

Distant Healing With Crystals { 15 comments }

All of us have stories of “quick” healings with using Reiki. Usually, these immediate healings occur when Reiki is applied soon after a minor injury, or when the emotional issue is related to a current event. Typically, a client with a chronic condition does not experience an immediate healing. One hour of Reiki generally does […] Read more

Healing Chronic Conditions through Reiki { 31 comments }
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