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June 2015

There is a debate among many people in the natural health world about whether to use modern western medication or not. Some believe that zero medication from western doctors is needed and only natural remedies should be used. Other’s believe that a western doctor along with medication and natural remedies (such as Reiki) offer the […] Read more

Infusing Medication With Reiki { 2 comments }

Empaths as Healers

Many of those who are drawn to the path of healing arts are also highly empathic. Being empathic has a range of meanings. They may be very aware of the needs and feelings of others and thus be very caring. Or they may actually feel the emotions of those around them, perhaps to the point […] Read more

Empaths as Healers { 17 comments }

The Casket of Freedom

Worry is defined as “The State of Being Anxious and Troubled over Actual or Potential Problems”. All of us in some point or the other in our lives come to stage where we are overcome by worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety. There are a lot of everyday instances as well that cause us a lot […] Read more

THE CASKET OF FREEDOM { 2 comments }

Reiki and the Microbiome

When we stop to think of health, we immediately consider the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Yet, there is an entire world living within us that is rarely discussed in Reiki circles. That world is made up of trillions of living, intelligent inhabitants. The microorganisms, that are a residents of each microbiome, have a profound […] Read more

Reiki and the Microbiome { 4 comments }

This article is especially meant for people who have just done their second degree and don’t have clear idea about how to send distant healing. Distant healing is one of the main aspects of second degree Reiki. There are many ways and techniques through which distant healing can be sent. Adapt any method you feel […] Read more

Different Ways to Send Distant Healing { 10 comments }
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