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May 2015

https://reikirays.com/podcast/ReikiRaysPodcast0028_M54.mp3 Another answer to the same question by Angie Webster is here. Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Question by Sheila: Hello, my name is Sheila. I did long distance Reiki on my friend who had difficulty in sleeping. The end result was that she did not sleep at [...]

Migraines after Reiki Healing { 0 comments }

Reiki and Solarised Water

The colors play a vital role in Reiki healing. The seven main chakras are supposed to have the seven colors of rainbow means that cells and organs associated with each chakra vibrate at the same frequency as the colors of rainbow. The unbalancing of chakras leads to dis-ease in the body; there are many ways [...]


Reiki Aura Clearing

Article by Marni Banks When I took my Reiki Level 3 (Master Practitioner) in Nov 2013 and we learned how to do Aura Clearings, honestly, I thought it was a bit hokey and kinda cheesy and I felt really foolish doing it. Looking back on it now, though, I was going through some personal issues and [...]

Reiki Aura Clearing { 3 comments }

What is Intention?

When you begin to work with Reiki, you will hear that it is “based in intention”, that it “works with your intention”, that “intention directs it” and various other teachings relating to intention. If you are like me, the word intention will likely have only a vague meaning to you when you first hear these [...]

What is Intention? { 6 comments }

What Actually is Healing?

The word itself brings us images of sick people, hospital, injuries being healed in the hospital or medical centre. We picturize doctors and medical practitioners working on the patients. This is physical healing. The healing of the physical body. Apart from the physical injuries there are emotional injuries too which if not healed can over [...]

What Actually is Healing ? { 5 comments }

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