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May 2015

Release the Weight

How many of you have tried anything and everything you come across to lose weight? Have you tried exercise, joining gym, diet pills, dieting and following diet plans with no result? Let us put an affirmation along with little exercise and careful diet for few months and see the result. This method you have to [...]

Healing Crystals { 25 comments }

Healing your Dreams

This is a very interesting technique that was revealed to me when I asked for a way to heal things in our lives that affect us but of which we are not consciously aware of. But before we move on to the technique let me give you a brief understanding of what dreams are and [...]

HEALING YOUR DREAMS { 7 comments }

I’ve been practicing Reiki since 2003, and teaching since 2006 and since then Reiki has been my “real job”. I left the corporate world in 2006 and never looked back. Was it easy? No, but it has been quite the adventure and I owe it all to Reiki. Reiki is the gift that keeps on [...]

Reiki Gifts { 17 comments }

1. How did Reiki find you? I have been asked many times what first attracted me to Reiki. The truthful answer is I didn’t know at the time or even give it much thought as to what interested me enough to find out what it was. At the time I was very much into martial [...]

Phillip Hawkins { 15 comments }

What is an Illness? Illnesses are patterns of distorted energy. The degree of distortion corresponds with the severity of the ailment. In the case of a common cold or a tension headache, the degree of distortion can be considered relatively mild. It may be stronger in the case of conditions like hypertension and diabetes and [...]

Healing Illness in Five Steps { 8 comments }

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