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March 2015

Reiki Your Way to Happiness

It is true that happiness is found within. If you search outside of yourself for happiness you may find something that makes you happy for a few days or even a few months but it is not sustaining. True happiness is found when you are truly happy within. Once you are in a true place [...]

Reiki Your Way To Happiness { 1 comment }

Reiki beyond Imagination

We are energy, every relationship is energy, and every incident is energy. And all non-living things are also energy. Non-living thing would be the inappropriate word as they are also blessed with frequencies and energies. I prefer calling them Non-organic. Being a simulation software engineer my job is to design products like aircraft, cars etc [...]

Reiki beyond imagination { 4 comments }

Everyone has some sort of psychic ability which they call intuition or gut feelings. Psychic awareness differs from person to person. Reiki can allow you to enhance your psychic awareness and removes blockages. It does not mean all Reiki practitioners have great psychic abilities. When the time is right in your spiritual journey, your psychic [...]

Psychic Ability after Reiki Attunement { 24 comments }

Spectacular athletic feats and Reiki have more in common than you may think… If you’re familiar with basketball, you have probably heard of an off-the-backboard slam dunk (also known as an off-the-backboard alley-oop.). It’s when a player throws the ball off of the backboard, maneuvers around opponents, then jumps up, catching the ball as it [...]

'Off-The-Backboard' Distance Reiki { 0 comments }

Self-Healing Reiki Meditation

In addition to doing daily self-Reiki, doing Reiki meditations can be a very useful practice. It can give our healing a boost, help us tune in more deeply with Reiki, learning how it moves through us and is working with our bodies and energy systems. I have come to have a fuller understanding of how [...]

Self-Healing Reiki Meditation { 2 comments }

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