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March 2015

Manifestation that happens from the third eye centre is indeed powerful. If you can hold an image of your heartfelt desires in your third eye, you achieve the power to move Earth and Sky to bring about its fruition. One of the crystals associated with the third eye chakra is clear quartz. The energy of […] Read More

Third Eye, Clear Quartz & Manifestation { 8 comments }

When practicing Reiki, it is helpful to keep your vibration high. A high vibration state is one that is closest to that of peace and joy. These states and those that feel most similar to them cause us to feel very open and free. Their quality is expansive and they expand our ability to see […] Read More

The Importance of Raising Your Vibration { 4 comments }

Tiger Reiki

There are about 300 types of Reiki system, some are commonly used whereas some are not very popular. Tiger Reiki is a powerful Reiki system that was channeled by Korey Long. Tiger Reiki is powerful not because of its name but for it symbolizes. Tigers has mythological importance in many religions across the world. Tigers […] Read More

Reiki tiger { 3 comments }

A Simple Reiki Food Ritual

Reiki can be useful in so many ways, one of which is energizing the food we eat. You know the old expression about food being “cooked with love” right? Well, there’s a lot of truth to it. Everything picks up the vibrational frequency we give it, for better or worse. So we might as well […] Read More

A Simple Reiki Food Ritual { 0 comments }

How to Scan the Aura

Aura is the bio-electric field that surrounds all of us. It is very beneficial to learn to scan the Aura because most of the ailments and problems originate and have their roots in our Aura. When we heal the Aura we are not only eradicating the cause but we also get the opportunity to heal […] Read More

How to Scan The Aura { 3 comments }
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