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March 2015

Unicorn Reiki

The founder of Unicorn Reiki are Jay Burrell and Heidi Gebhard Burger. ‘Unicorn’ is a combination of two Latin words ‘UNUS’ (one) and ‘CORNU’ (horn), means ‘One Horned’. Unicorn Reiki opens the door to the energies of mystical Unicorns. The Unicorn energy vibrates at a very higher level energy as compared to other power animals. [...]

Unicorn Reiki { 6 comments }

VIBGYOR Flame Chakra Cleansing

This method merges Candle Healing, Color Therapy and Reiki which makes this a deep cleansing technique. 1. Call upon your guides and angels to help you with chakra cleansing. 2. Light a candle and focus on the flame. Draw whatever symbols you are attune to on your palms. Charge your palms with fiery energy of the [...]

VIBGYOR Flame Chakra Cleansing { 1 comment }

Mermaids, Symbolism & Reiki

Reiki brings a new awareness into your life that is unsurpassed. It opens you up to life force energy and allows the universe to communicate with you like never before. Synchronicity will run rampant through your life and you will most likely notice the universe communicating with you through symbols. Often what happens is that [...]

Mermaids, Symbolism & Reiki { 2 comments }

Reiki Evolves with You

Recently, another Reiki Master commented she often tells her students, “Reiki evolves with you.” As soon as I heard this statement, I knew it was profound. I have been pondering and meditating on this thought ever since! There are layers and layers of meaning within it. Anyone who has used Reiki consistently, for more than [...]

Reiki Rays Reiki Evolves With You { 8 comments }

Shamanic Reiki is Reiki with a deep connection to nature, the elements, and spirit. Using a process called “journeying” the healer can access helping spirits who answer questions to provide insight into medical, physical or spiritual problems. A journey is meditative practice where the practitioner can visit spirit guides, ancestors and power animals to bring [...]

Add a Touch of Shamanic Reiki to Your Practice { 9 comments }

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