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March 2015

Reiki Cloud

The term cloud has many different connotations. It may simply refer to a vapour mass in the sky or even a common technology server in the tech savvy world of today. As a child, I was always attracted to soft, fluffy, white clouds in the sky. Clouds reminded me of angels and cherubs. They have […] Read more

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The Reiki symbols are a beautiful rite of passage for many as they progress through each level in order to practice Reiki at the highest potential. These symbols can be truly powerful according to individual beliefs. With that said, this article is in no way meant to be dismissive of the benefits of their utilization. […] Read more

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Life After Reiki

Few days back a random thought popped. What was my life before Reiki? Why I was not introduced to Reiki sooner? The answer to that is, you don’t choose Reiki, Reiki comes to few chosen ones at the right time. First time I heard about Reiki, I was in U.S. After that I moved to India […] Read more

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When we are introduced to Reiki, a new world view begins to form. We realize that everything in our world is alive with energy. Over time, this knowledge grows and develops and before we know it, our world view has been transformed. We begin to see how everything, and everyone, is connected, through the force […] Read more

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The Cho Ku Rei Boost

Cho Ku Rei is known as the Power Symbol. It helps to strengthen the flow of Reiki. It can help you receive a quick boost of energy. It can add a dash of extra power and strength not only to your healing sessions but to your entire day. Palm Method Draw the Cho Ku Rei […] Read more

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