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March 2015

When we use the term side effects, we refer to a phenomenon that is not very pleasant. Many medicinal drugs and conventional treatments are known to have side effects. Though unpleasant, these side effects cannot be avoided and are accepted as part of treatment. What about Reiki? Being a natural method of healing, does it […] Read more


Re-train your Mind with Reiki

Reiki offers healing in such a special and unique way. It helps you heal physically, emotionally and mentally. Each one is important and you may notice these parts healing one at a time, in a pair, or all together. If you are having negative thoughts it is impossible to heal. The mind is an amazing […] Read more

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The Five Reiki Principles

I often have the five principles of Reiki in mind, especially when I’m about to teach a First Degree Reiki course. I love how open to personal interpretation they are, yet at the same time point to universal truths we all identify with. I love how they seem so simple and obvious at first, but […] Read more

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Whenever we hear people talk about spirituality or spiritual growth, the upper chakras inevitably find a mention. A large crown chakra and a partially open third eye cause considerable excitement in many circles. Almost all spiritual paths and techniques I have come across, also place quite an importance on the upper chakras. As a result, […] Read more

The Importance of Lower Chakras { 2 comments }

When you hear about dark or stuck energy, does it make you uncomfortable? What about cord cutting? When I first began doing energy work, these things made me uneasy. I had sensed these things in others energy fields for years, but didn’t know what they meant or what to do about them. As I learned […] Read more

Dark or Stuck Energy Cords and Entities { 6 comments }
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