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February 2015

Reiki FAQ

People who are contemplating to learn Reiki or healing with Reiki have many questions regarding Reiki. Same goes with newbies. They too have lots of queries even though they have been taught. Teaching method differs from teacher to teacher. So some students have more queries whereas some are confident. I have asked some of my […] Read more

Reiki FAQ { 19 comments }

Reiki and Pendulum Dowsing

Reiki, when combined with any other healing modality, works wonders. I have combined Reiki with Hypnotherapy, Access Bars, Angel Cards etc. and the results were fantastic. Lately I have started combining Reiki with Pendulums and the results are amazing. Before we proceed further let us understand what is dowsing? Dowsing is detection of energy and […] Read more

Reiki and Pendulum Dowsing { 29 comments }

Walking the Path of Energy

Article by Stephen Parato The word “Reiki” kept making subtle appearances in my life… While traveling around New Zealand a few years ago, I met a friend who mentioned that his parents ran a healing center in Spain. He elaborated, in a tone of hinted wisdom, saying that they were both Reiki Masters. The word instantly […] Read more

Walking the Path of Energy { 2 comments }

18 Crystals Cleansing Techniques

Crystal healing and Reiki both are two different healing modalities and yet both go together hand in hand. When Reiki and crystals are combined for healing, the result is magnificent. Having crystals along while healing with Reiki energy is like having an extra pair of hands. Since learning Reiki, I have developed a great liking […] Read more

Crystal Cleansing Techniques { 8 comments }

How to Meditate with Reiki

Hi Friends. Today I’d like to share with you how to do meditations with Reiki. I write a lot of guided meditations and get a lot of questions as to how to get started adding it in to your everyday life. Meditation is a wonderful opportunity to use Reiki healing in a new way and […] Read more

How To Meditate With Reiki { 3 comments }
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