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January 2015

Eternally Connected…

Article by Necole Stephens We all have moments or even days when we are in a dark place and feel all hope is lost while questioning our faith. My world was gone, as I once knew it. Being a medium and Reiki master, I knew there was more, but being a mom struggling through such [...]

Eternally Connected { 30 comments }

Article by Angela Simpkiss Top 5 Reasons why Reiki Does Not Work focuses on Reiki alone. It is a very good post however; I have edited this article to include Quantum Therapy as well as Reiki purely because I practice both these modalities and wanted to adjust the wording, so that this article more effectively relate [...]

Reiki and Quantum therapy { 0 comments }

Imagine the journey of healing with Reiki to be a vast ocean. When we receive the first degree attunement, we barely touch the water. Nevertheless, a process of deep cleansing and healing is initiated. The second degree takes us a little deeper into the water. It helps issues that need deeper healing rise up to [...]

Reiki Mastership and Reiki Masters { 12 comments }

[Infographic] Aura Scanning

This infographic was inspired by “How to Do an Aura Scan: In Person & Distance Scanning” article written by Reiki Master Haripriya Suraj. Click the image to see it in full size, then click Back in your browser to return here. Love and Light!

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Finding Your Reiki Teacher

Once you have found Reiki and felt the calling in your heart to do this healing work, the next big step is finding a teacher who is the right fit for you. This is a decision that should be considered with care, and yet there is no need to get terribly stressed about it. If [...]

Finding Your Reiki Teacher { 2 comments }

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