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November 2014

Change; a Healing Process

Change doesn’t just happen as if by magic; Change of any description be it mystical, magical or mundane is a ‘process’ and by definition a process requires a series of steps to be considered and then implemented in order to achieve a desired outcome or effect. Change is both incremental and directional taking us from [...]

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Do Distant Attunements Work?

Do Distant Attunements Work? This question has the power to evoke endless debate and controversy in the Reiki community. This question has the power to evoke endless debate and controversy in the Reiki community. Through this article, I would like to share my personal experience and viewpoint on this important topic. And I do so [...]

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Color Therapy

Everyone is curious about colors, the healing properties of them, how to enhance your healing abilities with color, what is the significance of colors if used in healing. Colors have a certain frequency, they are afterall light energy. Each color helps in healing certain kinds of ailments or situations in our lives. Our bodies are [...]

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Reiki & Crossing Over: An amazing gift in the final season of life Reiki can offer amazing benefits to those going through the final season of life. Often times care switches from curative to palliative. The focus is put on making this person’s life as comfortable as possible instead of curing them of a disease. [...]

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Reiki and Noisy Neighbours

I am blessed to have a tropical environment where I work. My reiki room is surrounded by our glorious garden, allowing nature to seep into every treatment and to help clients to relax and breathe in the healing properties that only nature can provide. It’s relaxing, calming and so very, very peaceful……So you can imagine [...]

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