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October 2014

Reiki: The Exchange of Energy

At our Reiki II class many years ago, a fellow student challenged our Reiki Master about her practice of charging for Reiki sessions. He stated since healing energies are a gift from the Source, how could she ask people to pay for treatments; he declared he would never consider charging anyone for this gift. She […] Read More

Jeju Island { 30 comments }

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Healing like Reiki begins in the mind. The mind is a beautiful thing if we use it wisely but can be a harsh task master if left to its own devices. The mind is the wellspring from which all things are cultivated; it is our inner sanctum and the birthplace of our reality. Our thoughts […] Read More

Mother Nature { 8 comments }

Visualization Techniques

Hello everyone! A lot of people have questions about visualization, should we do it or not. Does it enhance your Reiki flow, does it help in manifestation faster, etc. I think it is really up to you whether you want to incorporate this into your practice. I have used visualization with long distance Reiki and […] Read More

the great ball of light in the sky { 4 comments }

Reiki and Travel

I’ve been on holidays for the past few weeks (thus why I haven’t contributed any article for a number of weeks), travelling from Australia to Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It’s been the most magical and marvellous holiday for both my husband and I. What has made it more special and divine is that I […] Read More

Tammy's Rose Quartz Crystal { 2 comments }

Case Study: Cheated Hearts

I use to be a diehard romantic. Growing up on a healthy diet of Bollywood and Hollywood romantic and action movies, I use to always think in the end there will always be a man and a woman who will be happily ever after and the spark will be there till the time they die, […] Read More

White Roses { 4 comments }
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