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October 2014

Reiki is the most compassionate energy in the Universe. Though I have experienced its miracle almost everyday since the time I have come to this practice, I am still spell bound on how sometimes it works in the most unexpected ways. Recently I took up a new job, where the salary gets credited quiet late. [...]

Credit Cards and Cash { 10 comments }

While the celebration of this day originated in Mexico, it later spread to many countries like America as well as to Catholic cultures. The following meditation is free of religious content and based on the love for those who have passed away and can be our guides from another dimensional plane. This meditation comes from [...]

Candles { 0 comments }

Just for Today…Do Not Worry

The Reiki ideal, “just for today…do not worry” seems simple enough, yet often we forget to live this powerful ideal. A life with no worries – is that even possible in today’s complex world? Using Reiki on a daily basis can certainly help each of us to reach this goal. Our perspective on dealing with [...]

Beautiful flower { 0 comments }

Effective Intention Slips

Everyone wants to manifest when they come to Reiki. This is probably the best aspect of Reiki. I have found it quite easy to manifest with Reiki. A lot of people I meet say they are not able to manifest with Reiki or with the intention slips kept in their God box. I am not [...]

Forgotten box { 21 comments }

Healing but Not as We Know It

The dictionary defines death as the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism and if we believe that man is nothing more than a physical being with an indeterminate life span between their first and last breath then we must accept that death as we currently understand it is a natural part [...]

A close up of wild horses being gathered { 2 comments }

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