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October 2014

Below is an audio guided visualization for clearing and strengthening your Sacral Chakra, created by RMT Haripriya Suraj. Enjoy https://reikirays.com/_audio/Haripriya%20Visualization%202%20-%20Sacral%20Chakra.mp3 To download the MP3, right click here and choose Save As… (depending on your browser it might be called Save Link As…, Save Target As… etc). Love and Light! Music credits: Music for Manatees, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative […] Read more

Guided Visualization - Sacral Chakra { 11 comments }

Cutting Cords with Reiki

Article by Ashwita Goel, Reiki Master When the light comes in, the first thing that we see is the mess we have created. Once we start to see the damage we have let people make in our lives so far, we naturally want to cut off. But when we really start looking at the situation […] Read more

if you can't unplug, just cut the cord { 25 comments }

Identify your Spiritual Path

I am writing this article for those who are keen to pursue their spiritual journey, who are in search of their true spiritual path and those who want to understand what is it that they resonate with to pursue spiritually. Some of you are maybe asking the same question to yourself, ‘Am I on the […] Read more

Forest maze { 16 comments }

Case Study: The Third Eye Chakra

The Case Dev (name changed) has been suffering with intermittent neck pain for several years. He is in his mid thirties. In the past, doctors prescribed pain killers and suggested a few neck strengthening exercises. He did not wish to take the painkillers and was not motivated enough to keep up with the exercises. When […] Read more

rose quartz { 11 comments }

Some of you may have read recently the trauma and ostracisation I went through, from a group of Reiki Masters in my local area. Where I overhead them talking about me and using the Reiki symbols to keep me from attending my Naturopathic appointments (who is also a Reiki Master) as well as not including me […] Read more

Rebirth { 2 comments }
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