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September 2014

The Case – This is my personal experience with Reiki. I hated cooking and never expressed any desire to learn. I never watched Travel & Living or Masterchef because I found it boring ! My mom tried to push me to learn from her or from my sister and they are both versatile cooks, but [...]

Fish { 1 comment }

Some of you may have been following my articles and if that’s the case you will have read a story about a fall out with one Reiki Master, in my home town in 2013, which has had a cascading affect with her talking to her own Reiki Master who we’ll call Jane (the one who [...]

Community { 16 comments }

When we have a relationship in our lives that becomes distant or is feeling ruffled by conflict, of course we want everyone involved to feel better as quickly as possible. Our first urge may be to want everything to go back to the way it was before the issue arose. It was what we knew [...]

Beautiful Meadow { 2 comments }

The Moon and Reiki

Does the moon affect your mood? Have you taken the time to pay attention and gauge your mood in regards to the moon’s phase? If you notice and note it on your calendar, it can provide valuable insight to help understand and prepare for each phase. This is important for us, as healers, so we [...]

Full Moon { 4 comments }

Handling Difficult Clients

This article is for professional Reiki practitioners / Masters but of course can apply to anyone, who are healing people on a regular basis. I am sharing my personal experience and opinions on this topic. Your clients can be broadly placed in three categories. 1. Believers – the one’s who have complete faith in you [...]

Lavender { 9 comments }

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