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September 2014

We Must Become the Change We Desire

I have been a Reiki practitioner for coming up to fifteen years and a Reiki teacher for most of that time so I know that Reiki works if not in the way we think it does, and at the risk of alienating myself from many of my fellow Reiki teachers and practitioners I have to […] Read More

Eagle { 2 comments }

Daily Reiki Practice

Hello everyone ! This is one of those articles that I am guided to write about. Most of the articles I write are inspiration I receive during meditation, but sometimes the universe or the guides tell me what to write about. This is not my personal opinion. It’s guidance. And I have noticed they often […] Read More

Mushrooms { 44 comments }

Reiki gives us opportunities time and again to heal pain from the past. It is up to us to recognise an opportunity when it is presented. Often, these opportunities are blessings in disguise. They push us past our comfort zone and may even upset us. However, with the passage of time, we learn to recognise […] Read More

Water flow { 2 comments }

Recently I was contacted by a Reiki practitioner who had read my article on energy healing for breast cancer patients. The practitioner asked me for guidance on treating a friend of hers who is presently going through treatment for ovarian cancer. Her e-mail reads: “…I just read your two articles on breast cancer and found […] Read More

Sodalite { 0 comments }

One thing that has become more and more clear to me as I walk my path of spiritual growth and awareness is that we are literally surrounded by all that we need, always. We are amazing transmitters of energy and conduits to receive energy into our being as well. Information is constantly going in and […] Read More

Water flow { 26 comments }
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