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June 2014

A fit and healthy 44 year old female came to see me desperate for help and assistance. She had a good life and was enjoying it immensely, apart from the fact she found herself irritable and cranky from lack of sleep, when her frozen shoulder played up. She was at her wits end and sick […] Read more

Tamasura - helps with fear { 33 comments }

A reader who reads my articles on Reiki Rays once asked me why do I write heavy articles, which have deep meanings. Why can’t I write about lighter topics such as crystals or symbols uses or something lighter. This is what I said to the reader, Reiki is about truth and truth is neither easy […] Read more

Death Valley { 14 comments }

Earth Healing and Reiki

Mother Earth is personification of the nature around us that focuses on life giving and nurturing aspects of nature by giving it the status that of a mother. In the Greek mysteries Gaia (Gaea) is a name of Divine Mother. She is is Mother Nature or planet earth. In India she is known as Ma […] Read more

Earth Healing { 8 comments }

Have you ever walked into a room and felt an instant ‘change’ in atmosphere? Like you could cut it with a knife, as the old cliché says. Well, it’s likely because heavy energy is still lingering. If someone has been in a raging argument; or someone has been ill or even passed away in the […] Read more

Morning { 8 comments }
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