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June 2014

Simple Karma Clearing

This is probably one of the most commonly pursued questions I have encountered. Almost everyone wants to know how to clear and heal their Karma. And what better way to do it than with Reiki? This healing needs to be done in three sets of seven days, leaving a gap of one week between each […] Read more

Celestial Pyramid { 94 comments }

Here’s an interesting comparison between two ways to look at the world, the resources we have available, and our human needs. One is taught in standard school, the other in the Reiki school. Even though they seem contradictory, both are valid, and people can, and have, built entire systems based on each of these paradigms. […] Read more


“Reiki” Relationships

If you like me are a self proclaimed Google Queen (or King!), who can almost find any information online for anything then you are no stranger to blogs, articles and subscriptions which read how Reiki heals relationships, how it brings estranged families together, but I have hardly seen anyone writing about the “Damaging” effects that […] Read more

Love { 13 comments }

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you have that tightness in your shoulders that no amount of massaging can relax? Do you feel like your days are spent going from one crisis to another, just trying to solve as many problems as you can? When you become stressed out and more focused on the bad […] Read more

Stork in golden Field { 0 comments }

We can use Reiki and healing energy to bring cleansing, strength/protection and healing into our homes, our work spaces and even extend it out into our neighborhoods. I often use this technique during and after an illness in the house, after an argument or a bad mood has happened, and before and after guests visit. […] Read more

Peaceful home { 9 comments }
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