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December 2013

Video: Grounding Roots Meditation

Here’s a video explaining the grounding roots meditation technique. You can find the original article that inspired this video here. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT4Klz5E85E

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The whole zombie apocalypse thing is pretty popular. Granted it’s for fun, but most people are zombies. As Reiki practitioners, we aren’t always immune to the zombie-fication process. We fall into routine and sometimes get stuck. Not only in life, but also in our Reiki practice. Wait…what? Zombie? Huh? It’s unavoidable; at some point in [...]


Everything in life has a purpose, while the thing itself may appear constant, it’s purpose, meaning, and value is in a constant state of flux. Our beliefs, values, fears, and doubts all influence and affect our perceptions of everything in life and everyone’s perceptions are different but of no less value and worth. Everything has [...]


The destination is only one part of our journey; with any journey we require a point of departure, a beginning, a point of reference before we can begin our journey.  A starting point that shows us where we are in relation to where we think we want to be, will determine the direction we need [...]


When asking the universe for anything we should first take a moment to begin from a point of gratitude; before we ask for more we should first say thank you for what we already have. Even if we feel we have little or nothing to be thankful for, the very act of asking shows a [...]

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