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October 2013

One thing that struck me after a horrible mass shooting last year was that many people said prayers for the deceased and for their families. It was a time for healing the grief, loss and damage they all felt. This is usually what is seen in a tragedy. People gather and offer their support to [...]


Meditation to integrate the soul

Hi friends, with the grace of my reiki teacher, ( I am walking on the reiki path just holding her finger as myself is just three years old reiki child ) I am sharing fourth type of meditation with you all. This is the meditation, which I experienced one morning while I was meditating. It’s [...]


The Five Reiki Principles

The Reiki principles are a fundamental part of our Reiki training, yet many see them as no more than a set of ideals that don’t directly affect our practice. It’s true we would get the same results even if we weren’t aware of these principles but to merely use them as a mantra over looks [...]



Greetings everyone! This is a discussion close to my heart. It is my identity in my own private world and it is the identity of many of you. Are you a light worker? If yes, who are you? Lightworkers are people or souls who have volunteered to raise the vibrations of humanity by following or [...]


Reiki as Preventative Medicine

Reiki is excellent to use as a healing method for illness and injury. It helps heal mental and emotional wounds and promotes deep inner peace. It can deepen our spirituality, regardless of our religious affiliation. It helps to create balance in our lives and smooth out the rough spots. However, Reiki is often neglected as [...]


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