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April 2013

Yes, Reiki can be used to charge various objects to bring about harmony. There are many ways by which it can bring positive changes in our lives. Tip 1. If your toddler is short tempered you can send energy to their favorite toys so that the positive and gentle healing vibrations always surround your child. […] Read more


Q&A: What Is a Reiki Guide?

Many people, especially among those who haven’t been initiated or attuned to Reiki, have this question on their mind. What is a Reiki Guide? A Guide is an entity or being working in association with every healer. Most practitioners know that these guides exist, and some can even literally see them. Others only feel their […] Read more


We recently asked on Facebook what smudging flavor our readers prefer. We were surprised to find out that one flavor is way more popular than all the others. And that is: the white sage. Roughly 51% of the practitioners expressed their preference for the white sage. This is followed, at a great distance, by the […] Read more


Have you been wondering what happens if you don’t turn Reiki off, whether it’s because you forgot to do it, or fell asleep :), or got interrupted and had to finish the session in a haste? What if I don’t turn Reiki off? (forgot, fell asleep, etc) Short answer: Don’t worry. It will turn itself […] Read more


If you’re having trouble falling asleep, Reiki can help you invoke the Sandman (if it’s in your highest good of course) How to use Reiki to fall asleep? There are many methods, Minakshi from the forum suggested one which you may find useful too. And that is: Reiki your Third Eye and Heart Chakras simultaneously. […] Read more

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