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Cho Ku Rei Pyramid Shield

Cho ku rei pyramid sheild

Shielding is the most important part when it comes to healing. Healers are certainly more susceptible to energies hence the protective shield helps us to keep the negative vibes at bay. Our energy being drained out in case these protective shields are not worn. There are various methods through which we can shield ourselves and […] Read more


Various Ways to Use Sei He Ki

Various Ways to Use Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki is known as emotional/mental symbol due to its abilities to heal emotional and mental issues from deep within. Along with HSZSN, it can reach the root of the cause and start healing it. Most illness originates from mind and emotions so healing with SHK may prevent the illness from manifesting in the […] Read more


Body Grounding – Quick Tip

Body Grounding Quick Tip

I was once an advocate of grounding by sending our energy into the Earth. Now I have come to believe that it is better to ground through the vehicle of our own bodies. Simply coming home to our bodies and returning to the present moment is all we need to do to ground. When we […] Read more


Cleansing with Pendulum

Cleansing with Pendulum

According to me, pendulum is one of the most under-rated tools for healing. It can do way more than give yes or no answer to your queries. And when it is merged with Reiki energy, the result is profound. I personally don’t use pendulum for yes/no, but pendulum is my saviour when it comes to […] Read more

Quick Tip Breath sweep to clear energy

Clearing out the energy of others or of situations we don’t wish to be attached to is really important, especially right before a Reiki session. It’s also a good way to begin and end our day. It is especially useful if we have just experienced something upsetting or painful. By using visualization and our breath, […] Read more

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