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Shadow Work

Ten Symptoms of Psychic Attack

When I read many years ago that most people are under the influence of unwanted energies, I thought the people writing that were either fake or entirely paranoid. But these many years into healing and I’m afraid they weren’t wrong. It is so prevalent today that mood swings are seen as a normal part of […] Read more


What is Psychic Attack?

What is Psychic Attack

The unknown instills fear. A term like ‘psychic attack’ unfortunately triggers much fear among many, which is a pity because fear only enhances the grip it has on you. If we knew nothing about viruses, they would seem just as scary – imagine being told that ‘there are tiny organisms that you cannot see which […] Read more


When You Feel Negative Energy

When you feel Negative energy

I once had a client come to me and her energy repulsed me. The phone call on booking the appointment made my gut churn. How easy would it have been for me to ‘judge’ her as having bad energy and being someone I should steer clear of? It was a horrid feeling. A wise and […] Read more

Karma Clearing Healing the Past

In today’s fast paced world we put our heart and soul to achieve our goals and manifest our desires, yet are unable to do so inspite of best our endeavours. Many a time , the problem lies far beyond the present ….. in the past and /or our own karmas. We can use the distant […] Read more


Healing Past Karma with Reiki

Reiki and Karma

When one is faced with difficulties that don’t make any sense, one is often prompted to ask where the trigger of such a problem might lie. Today, many people find themselves asking if these problems are due to previous karma and if this is the case, how can such karma be resolved. What is Past […] Read more