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Self Practice

Self-Reiki Using the Three Part Breath Exercise

During this pandemic, when many of us are staying closer to home, socially distancing, and trying to create new routines for our days, I thought it might be helpful to find some ways to change up our daily self-Reiki practice. To learn new techniques, or make our practice a bit more refreshed. I have several […] Read more

Reiki and Existential Depression

Depression is a word familiar to us all and is a mental health condition experienced by countless individuals in varying ways and degrees of severity. It is so widespread that it’s often referred to as the common cold of mental health. However, this metaphor fails to address the scope of depression; it is not limited […] Read more


The Importance of Self-Reiki

The Importance of Self-Reiki

As Reiki practitioners, we are the next generation of light-workers and healers that will bring the world into better balance. Self-Healing is an important part of Reiki practice, especially if you identify as an empath. Healing also enables us to better understand ourselves and to increase our spiritual connection to the Divine/Universe. I feel that […] Read more

Full Body Scan Meditation for Use with Self-Reiki Treatments

This is a brief introduction into the practice of full body meditation and how to pair it to a self-Reiki treatment. A full body scan meditation can last thirty to forty-five minutes, or you can shorten it depending on your schedule. This kind of meditation allows you to “see” your body and to connect to […] Read more

Easily Connect to Your Heartspace

There is a place inside of you that knows only peace, tranquillity and unconditional love. It is a constant in your life, regardless of your outer circumstances or your inner moods and emotions. The Heartspace is your true home, in you. It is known by many cultures all over the world and by many names […] Read more

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