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The Challenging Client - Part IV

Unlike the angry client in the previous article, where it is relatively easy to detect this client, the passive-aggressive client may be more difficult. This person may take actions that are passive in nature but are actually aggressive in intention. It may be difficult to figure out what is really going on, as the behaviors […] Read more

The Challenging Client – Part III

When the client walks into your practice room, you immediately detect the distress emanating from her being. She practically stomped, and her face was set in a frown. Then, she complained about everything – the traffic was too heavy, the waiting room was cold, and you were running five minutes late. While she expressed her […] Read more


The Challenging Client – Part II

The Challenging Client – Part II

In my series on Challenging Client, another category to explore is the Unworthy Client – the person who thinks he is unworthy of being healed – although he continues to participate in Reiki treatments. Often, the Reiki practitioner hears confusing, contradictory comments from this client. The client may say he seeks healing, but also says […] Read more


The Challenging Client – Part I

The Challenging Reiki Client - Part I

As a mental health professional for three decades, my career was blessed with many challenging clients. I am not being facetious – challenging clients can be viewed as blessings. They cause us to question, and strengthen, our skills and levels of compassion. As our understanding grows as to why clients behave in the ways they […] Read more

A Guide to Creating a Reiki Presentation

An “Introduction to Reiki” presentation provides an overview of Reiki to those who may be curious, yet are reluctant to book a session or take a class. It can also offer additional knowledge to those who already have some understanding of Reiki and its benefits. I have organized many presentations over the years and found […] Read more

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