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Here’s the best articles we published January. Enjoy :) 1. What Is a Reiki Bank 2. How to Make Energy Ball with Reiki 3. How to Use Reiki and Symbols to Heal Relationships 4. How to Use Reiki to Cut Energetic Cords 5. How to Cleanse Crystals before or after Reiki Sessions 6. Top 5 […] Read more

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What Is a Reiki Bank?

Feeling a bit under the weather today? How about if you could have sent Reiki to yourself yesterday, and got it today? Or if you could just get some Reiki now, that you’d send to yourself later? Or better still, how about if there was a place where you could just “deposit” Reiki energy whenever […] Read more


Best of 2012 – Top 10 Roundup

Dear Reiki friends, We’ve published a lot of articles in the short months since we launched (and have a lot more goodies coming). As we’re getting close to 2013, here’s the top 10 most read articles of 2012. Enjoy :). Reiki Music – The Music of the Spheres! All about the Reiki Power Symbol Cho […] Read more


The Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing (at Central Maine Medical Center) is going to provide free Reiki sessions to cancer survivors and caregivers, as part of its Integrative Medicine Services. Read the full story on the Dempsey Center website. More and more hospitals in US and all over the world are integrating Reiki […] Read more

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