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Reiki, Meditation, and Crystals to Strengthen Intuition

Reiki is a tremendous catalyst for spiritual growth. It is the process of using Reiki combined with meditation that connects us to the ancient energy that feeds and nourishes the spirit. It grounds and centers us in a way that focuses our vision and allows distractions to fall away. In this place of peace, our […] Read more

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Magical benefits of pyramid meditation

Greetings everyone. Today I would like to share magical benefits pyramid meditation. In case you resonate with this, you may incorporate this technique for self or others’ healing. First, let’s discuss about the pyramid scientific research – the perfect geometrical shape, and design of pyramid. Pyramid research: 1.Bill Kerell is a researcher who experimented with […] Read more


Release Ceremony

Release ceremony

Thoughts and emotional energy can sometimes race through our minds, running in a never-ending loop that is not helpful, but difficult to let go of. Or we may notice issues, relationships or beliefs we wish to be done with or wish to deal with in a healthier way. When we are feeling heavy and weighed […] Read more


Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

Deep, honest gratitude brings about shifts in our energies, enabling us to witness the miracles in our lives that we’ve otherwise taken for granted. We have plenty to be grateful for – difficult situations in our lives that helped us grow and heal, loved ones that stand by us, food on the table, a roof […] Read more

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Reiki Owl Meditation

Reiki Owl Meditation

When you notice an owl fly into your life pay attention. They come as a warning of someone around you being deceitful and offer you extra strength in seeing the truth of any situation. If you are confused about something or feel like you are trying to see something through a fog or haze then […] Read more

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