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Channelled Message from Dr Mikao Usui

A burst of light from the Heavens, a shimmer, a golden ray, descended on Earth many many years ago. This burst of light brought with it a new frequency for Earth souls. The Divine gift of Reiki was bestowed upon humankind. This seemingly mysterious energy, if you will allow it, can touch your body, mind, […] Read more

Gene Keys and Reiki

There are so many aspects in need for healing that sometimes we are hopeless and procrastinate our inner work. Those momentous few minutes of daily Reiki practice never come because often we don’t know where to steer first the healing energy. Reiki goes where it’s needed most but our human mind needs to focus on […] Read more

Healing from Guides

Dear Fellow Healers, First, I want to acknowledge you for your work as a Reiki healer. It’s a very big undertaking to state that you are going to serve, and to heal yourself and others is to serve in a very deep, transformational way. It takes a lot of courage to be able to step […] Read more


Your Reiki Spirit Guide

Your Reiki Spirit Guide

In my lineage of Reiki Masters, we were taught that each of us is assigned a Reiki Spirit Guide at the time of our Reiki I level attunement. This Spirit Guide works with us each time we do Reiki, whether it is for others or for ourselves. S/he assists us in reaching a meditative state, […] Read more