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Reiki, Third Eye and Higher Guidance

As we progress on the Reiki path, we encounter many changes within ourselves. We also witness several aspects of our lives undergoing a positive shift. Reiki helps us open up to the truth of our divinity and innate potential. One significant development that is experienced by many on the path is that their ability to […] Read more


Steps to Receive Higher Guidance

Steps to Receive Higher Guidance

Placing our hands on the body and allowing energy to flow is just one aspect of healing ourselves. As we heal ourselves with energy, our chakras open up and we also become channels for higher guidance or divine guidance. This higher guidance is not something that lies outside of us and available to an exclusive […] Read more


Your Reiki Spirit Guide

Your Reiki Spirit Guide

In my lineage of Reiki Masters, we were taught that each of us is assigned a Reiki Spirit Guide at the time of our Reiki I level attunement. This Spirit Guide works with us each time we do Reiki, whether it is for others or for ourselves. S/he assists us in reaching a meditative state, […] Read more


Help From the Divine

Help from the Divine

One of the things I love to do with Reiki is to call in the help of the Angels and higher beings to provide the best healing possible. There are so many to choose from and all offer a unique and special addition to your Reiki session. All that you have to do to invoke […] Read more

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