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Grounded vs Ungrounded

grounded v ungrounded

To be grounded is to be fully in the body. Your energy feels very centered and present within your physical body when you are grounded. You are functioning in the now, rather than your energy being caught in the past or worried about the future. When you are well grounded, feelings of anxiety, hurry and […] Read more


Body Grounding – Quick Tip

Body Grounding Quick Tip

I was once an advocate of grounding by sending our energy into the Earth. Now I have come to believe that it is better to ground through the vehicle of our own bodies. Simply coming home to our bodies and returning to the present moment is all we need to do to ground. When we […] Read more

Grounding Practices for Balanced Reiki Practice

It is really important to learn how to bring balance to your energy practices, and how to release excess energy. As helpful as Reiki is, it is also ungrounding and this can leave us off balance, particularly over time. Being ungrounded is a state of disconnection from the body, either mild or extreme. It can […] Read more