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Life-changing Mantras with Ascended Master Krishna

Lord Krishna is very special to my heart. It is an amazing master who can be a spiritual guide and who can help you to find the blessings in your current life situation. Who is Lord Krishna? Krishna is a prominent and important deity in Hinduism. Lord Krishna is worshiped as the eighth avatar of […] Read More

Nifty Hacks for Lazy practitioners

Hey beautiful souls! How is everyone doing today? I thought today, let the article be a bit different, amidst all the knowledge that you gain every day, let me share some hacks with you all, which may make your life a bit easier when you are pressed of time! 1. Cannot make time for self-healing? Program […] Read More

Welcoming 2019 with An Open Heart and Reiki

We are so happy, grateful and honored to meet you in 2019 also! May your New Year be filled with joy, adventures, miracles, magic, wonderful people, gratitude and Reiki! May Divine Source, Higher Self, Reiki, and all other higher guides and masters you are working with, guide your steps along the way and every action to […] Read More

Signing of My Light Contract for a blissful 2019

Just a few hours left until New Year. 2019 is knocking at our door. With all its great lessons which helped us evolve and grow, 2018 has now come to an end and this is a great chance to think less and feel more; to connect with our inner being, to be grateful for what […] Read More


Dropping the Stigma

Dropping the Stigma

I live and work in a community that is densely populated. The majority of people who live in my community are of Latin origin or descent. Everyone who is Latin or of Latin descent has at least heard of different spiritual practices including what they would consider the dark arts or witchcraft. In my personal […] Read More

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