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Soul Talk

Soul Talk

Many times when we have an argument or a fight or misunderstanding with a loved one we both put up what we call as energetic barriers around us. This further makes communication difficult and thus doesn’t give a chance to clear out the stale energy. How about taking help of energy in talking to them […] Read More


Healing with Reiki Symbol Shamin

Shamin Symbol

Hello divine souls, Atma Namaste! I would like to share my experience with Shamin Reiki Symbol. This symbol has helped me heal insect bite pain, swelling, and skin irritation within 12 hours. We have a certain species of sting ants in our garden and when stung, the pain hits the nerve and causes swelling along […] Read More

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Healing the Emotional Body with the Water Angels

The emotional body is the one which carries our emotions and qualities of our character. All our emotions are reflected in our aura through the chakras and the emotional body. The emotional body has stored all the non-liberated emotions, anguish, anxieties, conscious or unconscious aggression. All is reflected in the aura in a shape of […] Read More

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Remedial Solution of Depression by Reiki Healing

Depression is a very serious and dangerous mental health disorder which causes significant impairment in the daily life of a person. This disease is so common nowadays because of various reasons in the modern lifestyle of human beings that more than 10 million cases of depression per year are being reported only in India. 1. […] Read More

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