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Reiki Self Protection

Click to listen: https://reikirays.com/podcast/ReikiRaysPodcast0056_M108.mp3 Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Question by Gayle: Hi, I have a question. I recently received my Reiki II attunement in Traditional Usui Reiki. I also practice as a witch and I am accustomed to working with the concept of self protection. I have […] Read more


Moon Manifestation

Moon Manifestation

After a long time I am back with one of my favorite topic- Moon Rituals. This particular ritual can be performed during any moon phase, be it new moon or full moon. Opt for the moon phase depending on your wish. If you wish to manifest new things in life, then perform this ritual during […] Read more

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Healing with Cinnamon


So it has been a while since I wrote in the “Healing with Herbs/Spices” series. How are you all doing? Have you included Star Anise, Basil or Bay Leaf in your rituals or healing? Like it has been said earlier that the use of herbs and spices provide us with numerous health benefits some of these also […] Read more


Set your Body Clock

Set your Body Clock

A big pie of the population has a problem with waking up early or on-time. This is common due to many causes including late sleeping habit, stressful life, tensions and many more. But the scientific cause for this struggle is related to the body clock. Our body clock is programmed by our routine and due […] Read more

Parenting Affirmations

Raising children is a privilege and a joy. However, it is also not always an easy path. Sometimes you have longed for children, sometimes they are a surprise, and sometimes children appear in your life in mysterious ways. No matter the circumstance, once you are a parent you are on a lifelong journey with that […] Read more

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